New Products

JST’s New Connector Innovations for North American Market

Discover JST's new connectors for the North American market, designed for reliability and high-performance in demanding applications.
NIC Components - NPIM_Z Series

Explore NPIM_Z: NIC’s Ultra-High Current Power Inductors

Discover the enhanced NPIM_Z Series by NIC - now with more sizes and values. Robust design for reliable operation in high-demand applications. Upgrade today!
Belfuse MagJack BMS ICM Expansions

Bel Fuse: MagJack ICMs Power Upgrade for High-Speed Connectivity

Elevate performance with MagJack ICMs by Bel Fuse. Upgrade to 10G speed, 60W or 100W power. Versatile for industrial, IoT, and network devices.
Coto 9853 Series Reed Relay

Coto: CotoClassic 9853 Series Reed Relay

Introducing Coto's CotoClassic 9853 Series Reed Relay - High-performance and reliability for ATE, Instrumentation, and Telecommunication applications.
CUI Inc - PTP15 Series & PYBE30 Series

CUI INC: PTP15 & PYBE30 Series – Elevate Your Projects

Explore CUI INC's PTP15 & PYBE30 Series for unmatched isolation, adaptability, and reliability in medical, electronics, and industrial projects.
Qualtek's new J1772 EV power charging cables

Qualtek: New J1772 EV Charging Cables

Experience high-quality J1772 EV charging cables from Qualtek - durable, safe, and versatile for various applications. Charge with confidence.
Qualtek Q-Secure Locking Cords

Qualtek: New Q-Secure Locking Power Cords

Qualtek's Q-Secure NEMA 5-15P power cords with locking C13 connectors ensures that the connector stays in place, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection.
Image of TSC’s New 600V FRED

TSC: New 600V FRED Product Line

TSC's new Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) Series are SMPC4.6U-packaged wettable flank devices providing best-in-class efficiency and power density.
Bel Fuse new EV & HEV Fuses | CST-Arwin

Bel Fuse: New EV & HEV Fuses

Bel Fuse has released new EV & HEV Fuses, used in main battery packs, battery modules, junction boxes/auxiliary circuits or charging stations.

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