Explore NPIM_Z: NIC’s Ultra-High Current Power Inductors

NIC Components Corp. has expanded the horizons of power innovation with five new sizes added to the NPIM_Z Ultra-High Current Power Inductors. These cutting-edge inductors redefine reliability in demanding environments.

Series Features

  • Metal Composite Shielded Power Inductor: Ensuring robust protection for optimal performance.
  • Soft Saturation: Delivering smooth and controlled saturation characteristics.
  • Ultra High Current: Powering your applications with unparalleled current capabilities.
  • Extremely Low DCR for High Efficiency: Boosting efficiency with minimal resistance.
  • Very Low Acoustic Noise and Leakage Flux Noise: Providing a silent and efficient power experience.

Application Focus

  • High Current DC-DC Converters: NPIM_Z Series excels in powering high-current converters.
  • In-Dash Automotive Applications: Ideal for automotive setups demanding reliability.
  • LED Drivers: Ensuring steady power for brilliant illumination.
  • Motor Control Noise Suppression: Taming noise for smooth motor operations.
  • Point of Sale Equipment: Reliable power for seamless transactions.
  • GPS Devices: Powering precision in navigation applications.
  • Networking & Communication: Keeping connections stable and robust.
  • Sensors & Controllers: Providing a solid power foundation for sensitive applications.

Explore the enhanced NPIM_Z Series today and elevate your power solutions to new heights!

More info: NPIM_Z Series Page

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