The CST-Arwin Story

CST-Arwin was formed with a vision to provide the dynamic and growing electronics marketplace in Canada with quality products from a select group of component manufacturers. CST-Arwin was started in 1992 as a small regional rep firm called CMI serving the Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa marketplaces. In the late 1990’s CMI merged with Southall Thomas Inc., another small regional rep firm serving the same markets. One year later, they all merged with Arwin Technical Sales, based solely in Western Canada and became CST-Arwin Inc. The new company provides cross-Canada coverage with offices in the primary cities in Canada. Their focus is passive electro-mechanical product with an emphasis on excellent customer service and technical support.

We have representatives to help you in our 3 offices: Toronto Region, Montreal/Ottawa/East Region, and B.C./Alberta/Prairies Region.

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Toronto Region

Robert DeRose | Vice President, CST-Arwin

Robert DeRose is the Vice president. Rob has 18 years of experience in the electronics industry and 13 years with the CST-Arwin team. Rob’s former positions include major account responsibility for Phoenix contact connectors and terminal blocks and Canadian Distribution sales manager for ebm/papst fans and blowers. Rob has an extensive network of account and distribution contacts throughout Toronto.

C: 905-558-0429

Dino Macchiusi | Account Manager, CST-Arwin

Dino Macchiusi recently joined the CST-Arwin team in January 2017. He is an Account Manager that covers the Toronto and Ottawa Markets. Dino has over 25 years of industry experience. Dino’s former positions included District Application Engineer at Phoenix Contact, 15 years as a Sr. Account Manager at ebm/papst and Account Specialist at Emerson/Asco Numatics.

C: 416-464-1355

Montreal, Ottawa, and the East

Ross Forbes | President, CST-Arwin

Ross Forbes is the president and is responsible for Quebec and the Maritimes. Ross has over 28 years’ experience in the electronics industry and 19 years’ experience with CST-Arwin in this territory. He has gained his experience working for distribution and manufacturers’ representatives. Ross’ responsibilities include primary contact with principals, enhance and assist the distribution network and major account coverage in the territory.

C: 514-894-8424

Pat Sadler | Account Manager, CST-Arwin

Pat Sadler has over 30 years’ experience in the electronics industry including 11 years at Nortel Networks and 16 years as a manufacturer’s representative before she joined CST-Arwin. Pat is the account manager for select customers; handles customer service and coordinates activities with customers, principals, and distributors.


B.C., Alberta and the Prairies

Don English | Manager, CST-Arwin

Don English is the manager of Western Canada. The majority of his professional career has been devoted to the manufacturer’s representative role. Don started in the electronics industry in 1981. In 2001, Don joined the CST-Arwin team and since then, Don has been responsible for the maintenance and growth of his account base in Western Canada as well as their associated contract manufacturers.

C: 604-649-8423