Qualtek: New J1772 EV Charging Cables

Qualtek’s J1772 electric vehicle charging cables are engineered with top-tier materials, ensuring they stand up to daily use and even the harshest weather conditions. Designed for modern EVs, these cables offer a seamless charging experience.

Versatile Compatibility, Seamless Connection

Featuring a standardized plug that effortlessly connects to your electric vehicle and a ROJ (Receptacle of Joy) of 100mm, these J1772 EV cables are compatible with a wide spectrum of electric vehicles and charging stations. It’s all about convenience.

Safety at the Core

Safety is paramount, and these cables reflect that commitment. Ground detection, seamless communication between your vehicle and the charging station, and automatic shut-off in the event of a fault – all these advanced safety features are built-in. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Unmatched Flexibility

With a substantial 5-meter length (that’s about 16.4 feet), these J1772 EV charging cables provide you with the flexibility to charge your vehicle from various locations. Be it at home, your workplace, public charging stations, fleet charging setups, or for EVSE manufacturers, these cables adapt to every situation.

Charge Your Way into the Future

Qualtek’s J1772 electric vehicle cables redefine the way you charge your EV. With robust materials, unmatched safety features, and remarkable flexibility, they’re the ideal choice for all your charging needs. Charge your way into the future today.

Key features

  • Cordage: EVE
  • Temperature Rating: 105C
  • Rating: 240VAC, Up to 80A
  • Plug: SAE J1772
  • Other End: ROJ 100mm
  • Approvals: UL 2251

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