TSC: New 600V FRED Product Line

The new Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) Series are SMPC4.6U-packaged wettable flank devices providing best-in-class efficiency and power density.

Applications for the PUUPxJ series include switching power supplies and power conversion, DC/DC converters, battery charging systems and off-line LED lighting power supplies, snubbers and freewheeling diodes.

Here are the key features:

  • Fast Switching and Reverse-Recovery Times: Planar FRED technology provides lower junction capacitance and faster trr.
  • Low Reverse Leakage: Improves efficiency and offers a more controlled switching response between forward and reverse conduction modes.
  • Low Reverse-Recovery Charge: Lowers parasitic ringing and EMC, reduces the need for snubbers; increases switching speed and lowers losses.
  • Wettable Flank SMPC4.6U (TO-227A) Package: Ideal for automated placement, meeting automotive board mount testing and AEC-Q qualification testing. High yield manufacturability.
  • Excellent Thermal Performance: Low-profile packaging with heat-spreader contacts provides excellent thermal management.
  • Global Materials Compliance: RoHS compliant, halogen-free (per IEC-61249-2-21), WEEE, REACH, California Prop. 65, JESD-201 Class 2 Whisker Test and others.

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