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Optoelectronics – Visible, Infrared, Ultraviolet

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QT-Brightek takes pride in integrating quality technologies and high-mix manufacturing, along with experienced customer support. With a deep understanding of current and future trends in the optoelectronics market, QT-Brightek strives to maintain agility and responsiveness in meeting evolving needs.

QT-Brightek is a leading optoelectronic manufacturer with sales, marketing, and field application support extending across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. QT-Brightek’s diverse portfolio includes LED SMD packages (chipLED, PLCC, mid-power, high power), through-hole lamps, metal cans (TO-18, TO-46), optocouplers/opto-isolators, and LED displays (numerical, alphanumerical, graphical/icons), covering the entire wavelength spectrum of ultraviolet to visible to infrared. ​

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