NIC Components New NCSA AEC-Q200 qualified Shunt Resistors

NIC Components Corp. announced the release of the NCSA product series of automotive-grade current sensing shunt resistors. These AEC-Q200 qualified resistors feature high current ratings in surface mount metal alloy construction.

The NCSA series come in three low profile SMT case sizes; 2512, 3920 and 5930 and has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +170°C with power derating above +70°C.

The series covers resistance values from 0.1mΩ to 2mΩ in ±1% (F), ±2% (G), and ±5% (J) tolerances and is rated for use in high current applications, from 70A to 380A with stable TCRs of ±50PPM to ±200PPM/°C.

They have the following circuit applications:

  • Current Sensing 
  • Power Control
  • Power Regulators 
  • Automotive Systems
  • Battery Charging Controls

For more product information, visit NIC Components’ NCSA Series page and Product Spec page.

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