TS19605CA20H: Taiwan Semiconductor New Three-Channel Linear LED Driver

TS19605CA20H: Taiwan Semiconductor Three-Channel Linear LED Driver

TS19605CA20H is a three-channel Linear LED driver with analog and PWM dimming control. It targets at automotive lighting applications. This device provides high-side drivers for LED current configured with the maximum current up to 150mA per channel by cascade external PNP transistor can reach up to 400mA per channel.

Features of this LED Driver:

  • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results:
    • Device temperature grade 1: -40°C to 125°C
    • Device HBM ESD classification level H1C
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C6
  • Wide input voltage range: 4.5V to 70V
  • Max. output current: 150mA per channel
    • Adjustable by external resistor
    • Accuracy: ±4% per channel when IOX @ 200mA
    • Accuracy: ±6% per device when IOX @ 200mA
    • Up to 400mA per channel @ VDROPOUT≤1V
  • Dimming function of PWM and Analog

Applications of this LED Driver:

  • Automotive LED Lighting
    • Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)
    • Interior light
    • Stop or Tail / Position / Fog / Turn Light
  • Industrial LED Applications
    • General RGB or White LED Drivers

For more information, visit Taiwan Semiconductor.

Anderson Power Products SBSX-75A Connector Series

Anderson Power Products - SBSX-75A Connector Series | CST-Arwin

The new SBSX-75A Sealed Waterproof Connector Series comes with two power contacts rated up to 120A, along with up to 4 auxiliaries, and the durability of up to 5,000 mating cycles. 

Positive metal latches help safeguard against accidental disconnects that may be caused by vibration, while built in cable clamp allows for strain relief on wires.

Features of this connector series include:

  • 2 Power & up to 4 Signals
  • Rated to IP 68 for Ingress Protection
  • Positive Latching to secure connection for vibration applications
  • Operating temperatures -20°C – 105°C
  • 5,000 Mating cycles

For more product information, visit Anderson Power Products SBSX-75A Connector Series.

C-Spares Aftermarket Program

Image for C-Spares Aftermarket Program featured image | CST Arwin

The C-Spares Aftermarket Program offers a direct resource for new replacement parts to aircraft operators, maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO) and brokers, with a factory warranty. It also offers a turn-key solution with a single point of contact for the high quality and reliable OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products.

This Program also ensure quick turnaround time and expert harness customization for our FQIS, Omega, Mil/Aero Circulars and C-ENX connectors and assemblies.

For more product information, visit C-Spares Aftermarket Program.

E-Switch New TL4115 Series Tactile Switch

E-Switch New TL4115 Series Tactile Switch | CST-Arwin

E-Switch recently released their new TL4115 Series Tactile Switch. The TL4115 is a surface mount tact switch that mounts along the edge of the printed circuit board. It is a right-angle edge design and provides life expectancy of 600,000 cycles in a 4.50mm x 2.20mm x 2.60mm footprint.

The TL4115 series’ features include SPST Off-(On) function, 50mA, 12VDC contact rating, dielectric strength of 250VAC for 1 minute, an operating temperature range of -30°C to 85°C, 0.15mm travel, and tape and reel packaging.

Applications for this tact series include:

  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Computer peripherals
  • Computer electronics
  • Medical equipment
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Test & instrumentation equipment

For more product information, visit E-Switch’s TL4115 Tactile Switch page.

NIC Components New NCSA AEC-Q200 qualified Shunt Resistors

NIC Components NCSA shunt resistors | CST Arwin

NIC Components Corp. announced the release of the NCSA product series of automotive-grade current sensing shunt resistors. These AEC-Q200 qualified resistors feature high current ratings in surface mount metal alloy construction.

The NCSA series come in three low profile SMT case sizes; 2512, 3920 and 5930 and has an operating temperature range of -55°C to +170°C with power derating above +70°C.

The series covers resistance values from 0.1mΩ to 2mΩ in ±1% (F), ±2% (G), and ±5% (J) tolerances and is rated for use in high current applications, from 70A to 380A with stable TCRs of ±50PPM to ±200PPM/°C.

They have the following circuit applications:

  • Current Sensing 
  • Power Control
  • Power Regulators 
  • Automotive Systems
  • Battery Charging Controls

For more product information, visit NIC Components’ NCSA Series page and Product Spec page.

CUI Inc. New 120W & 150W VSBU Chassis Mount Power Supplies

CUI Inc. New 120W & 150W VSBU Chassis Mount Power Supplies | CST Arwin

CUI announced new 120 & 150 watt VSBU chassis mount power supplies.

These open frame AC-DC power supplies have a wide range of output from 3.3 to 48 volts. All come using industry standard 3” x 5” footprint and conform with RoHS and REACH material compliance directives.

The 120W and 150W power supplies are designed for a range of industrial and ICT applications.

For more product information, visit CUI Inc.’s VSBU Power Supplies products.

NMB Technologies New IP68/IP69 Fan Series

New NMB Technologies IP68/IP69 Fan Series | CST Arwin

NMB Technologies produces the industry’s highest Ingress Protection (IP) rated cooling fans – IP68/IP69K.

These fans provide dust tight and protection against powerful, high temperature water jets for outdoor applications and other harsh environments. The fans range in size from 40mm to 172mm and are available in 12V, 24V, or 48V with tach output for speed monitoring. Fans are outfitted with NMB precision machined ball bearings with stainless steel outer ring and stainless steel ball or ceramic ball bearing for long life and high reliability.

The IP68/IP69 fans are designed for environments where resistance to water, chemicals, high pressures and high temperature are required.

For more information, visit NMB Technologies.

PUI Audio Innovative Audio Simulation Tool

New PUI Audio simulator | CST Arwin Product of the Month

The PUI Audio simulation tool is the first in the industry and is a web-based application with the ability to digitally replicate actual frequencies and varying types of sound waves. The tool allows users to log in, explore, select, and test audio components before identifying which components they need to implement the desired solution.

Experiment with sound variations to identify the exact output desired and select products to achieve the desired goals, reach our sales team, or connect with an engineer, all in one on-line experience.

For more information, visit PUI audio.

Bel Fuse 0680L Series of Slow Blow 2410 SMD Fuses

New Bel Fuse 0680L Series | CST Arwin

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection announced their 0680L Series of ceramic surface mount fuses with in-rush current withstand capability in a 2410 SMD package size. These slow blow fuses are designed for automotive and applications that require high DC voltage ratings and high DC interrupting ratings.

Bel’s 0680L Series fuses are compatible with the 260º, IR Pb-free solder process and feature a current rating from 375mA to 12A and a wide operating temperature range of -55º to 125ºC. These fuses are also AEC-Q200 compliant, RoHS compliant (with exemption 7(a)), halogen-free (MSL = 1) and lead free. In addition, they are packaged in tape and reel for the auto-insert SMD process and meet the Bel automotive qualification, which is based on the AEC-Q test plan.

Typical application use for the 0680L Series includes notebooks, LCD/LED monitors and TVs, PC computers and office electronic equipment, industrial and medical equipment, PoE, PoE+, power supplies, storage systems, telecommunication systems, wireless base stations, white goods, game consoles and battery charging circuit protection applications which require slow blow or time delay fuses to power the 2410 chip.

For more information, visit Bel Fuse 0680L Series.